Wangaratta Out and About is an outdoor activity club based in North East Victoria. Our program consists principally of recreational cycling, and other activities.

Non members are welcome to join our activities as casual members. There is a small cost for each activity, but excellent value is given. Whether you are travelling in North East Victoria or a local, why not check out our program and join us while we are Out and About.

If you would like to join an activity as a casual member or join the club as a full member then please check Membership for more information.

The Club Profile and Contacts pages will give you an outline of what the club is about as well as a list of committee members, their roles, and how to contact them.

Our Newsletter has some activity reports that will give you an insight into what awaits you as an Out and About member.

A report is written on most of our activities and published in either our club newsletter "Tracks", the local Newspaper, or on this web site. Regular reports and photos are also published on our Facebook page.

The club has bi-monthly social nights featuring slide shows of recent trips by members and occasional guest speakers. Refer to the Programme for dates.

Wangaratta Out and About is affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria and plays an active part in the organisation's Search and Rescue section.